We have the talent, we have the drive, we have the students that want it, and we have a community that needs it.
— Marcus Riter, CCHS Theater Director

Expansion Details

Our buildings should inspire all that happens inside them. Together, we can create a space for the visual and performing arts that reflects the values and depths of the Catholic community and the CCHS experience. When our fine arts classes relocate to the new building, existing spaces in the current school building will be freed up. These spaces will be renovated for classroom use and for athletics. Plans include a new Weight Room, a new Wrestling Room, and classrooms for teachers who currently do not have them.

new fine arts center

The new Fine Arts Center will feature a 650-seat auditorium and a high-quality performance and exhibit space for all MACS students. It will also house two art studios and a band room, broadcast studio, ceramics studio, dance studio, dark room and digital lab, photography lab, stage and theater.

Renovation of Athletic Spaces

Charlotte Catholic High School’s performing arts classes will move allowing for a larger weight room with new equipment, a new wrestling room, multipurpose warm-up space adjacent to the gym, an aerobics room, and a health classroom that also can be used as a film room.

Repurposing of existing classroom spaces

Visual arts classes will move to the new building, allowing for repurposing of those spaces into much needed classroom space.  Every CCHS teacher will have his or her own classroom, restoring the lost instructional time that occurs when teachers float between classrooms.